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iPhone 7 Plus Shots – Work Travels

I travel every week for work so I get the opportunity to photograph a lot of different places. Here are a few shots off the old cellular.


Baton Rouge, not sure why the quality of this photo is so poor.




Baton Rouge




Catch me on Bloor Street where you can’t shop




Burgundy Street, New Orleans




Burgundy Street, New Orleans




Chase Towers, Baton Rouge




St. Charles Street, New Orleans




It’s Always Moody in Philadelphia




Burgundy Street, New Orleans



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Backpacking the Linville Gorge – Roll 1


So early Tuesday I called the Post Office and had them hold my package instead of delivering it so I’d have it for camping, the guy on the phone wasn’t too happy about it, but he held it so it was all good.┬áCamping went great all in all. The Linville Gorge, more specifically Shortoff, is a beautiful area and if you’re near the NC Appalachian Mountains I highly suggest you go for a day hike or backpacking there.

But on to the negatives and the real reason you’re all here, film photography. The camera came loaded with film when it arrived so I had no idea whether or not it was expired so I shot with that and a second roll of my own. I thought I knew how to load the film but apparently not, so I ended up not shooting anything on the second roll which is pretty depressing but at least I now know how to load film properly.

Most of the photos that I did get back came out overexposed or a little blurry. I’m having a tough time properly focusing the lens and getting a clear with the viewfinder. But I’ve posted a couple of the photos below. The quality on the scans is terrible especially on the first one from the trip, from now I’ll probably just get the scanned cd at Walgreens or I might invest in a new scanner.


Thanks for reading,


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