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Veneered Cameras

Custom Veneer Minolta Hi-Matic F

Would anyone be interested in purchasing one of my wood veneered cameras?

Let me know, I’m trying to gauge interest.

Olympus 35rc

Just purchased an Olympus 35rc camera off eBay that I’m going to veneer over the weekend if it comes in by then.

So keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Veneer Cameras

Would anyone be interested in ordering a veneered camera?

From a Canon AE-1 to a Canon Canonet QL17, I can veneer almost any vintage camera with a range of customization.

Message me or leave a comment if you’re interested in ordering a custom camera.

Custom Canon AE-1

I’m really enjoying converting my film cameras from their boring original leatherette to new wood veneer if you haven’t noticed. This time around it’s my Canon AE-1 thatsĀ receivedĀ a makeover with Mahogany Veneer with a dark stain.



Light Leaks Galore – Roll 3

Finally finished shooting my first roll off of my Canonet 28 but I didn’t really check to see the condition of the light seals before I shot it all. So with that having been said a lot of them didn’t come out at all or had some pretty bad light leaks. But I don’t mind, I think it adds some character to them and it just gives me another camera restoration project.

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Film Camera gets a Makeover

Remember that Minolta Hi-Matic F I posted the other week?

Well, it doesn’t really look like that anymore.

If you’ve never heard of the company Ilott I highly suggest you check out that guy’s work. He refurbishes old film cameras and gives them new life with a new wood veneer cover instead of the faux-leather that’s on most old film cameras. If you’ve ever worked with veneer you should not it’s really not that hard to work with, and this guy refurbishes $30 cameras, services them, and put’s a veneer on them and charges $2000 for his work, even though it is magnificent, I wouldn’t say it’s worth all that.

So I decided I’d give it a little trial run on that Minolta I have and I think my results are pretty darn good for my first try.

I’d love to hear everyone’s comments and I’d really like to do a few more of these or maybe some custom orders once I get the hang of it.

Thanks again,

John Kirby

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